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Writing forces sharper understanding. Writing is a great way to put pressure on your thinking: itโ€™s hard to summarize something you donโ€™t sharply understand. By trying to explain an idea, youโ€™ll naturally try multiple framings, flesh out its edges, and see new connections.

- Andy Matuschak

Andyโ€™s thinking is the core driver behind this site. Itโ€™s a place for me to share ideas and things Iโ€™ve worked on, and in the process of doing so, build a better understanding of the underlying principles or technologies at play.


As I was studying Chemical Engineering at Queenโ€™s University, I started pursuing a career back home in Calgary, Alberta in the Oil & Gas industry. During one summer, I got thrown into the world of data science when I started trying to make money by using Python to optimize daily fantasy sports lineups. After the oil price crashed, I realized I should probably look for work in another industry. With a new found passion for all things data, I started my career working for Capital One in Toronto as a Data Scientist. For close to three years, I worked on operational monitoring across the business, credit risk analysis, OCR applications, data infrastructure, and productionizing credit risk models. Looking to get data science experience in another industry, I started working for Shopify. Currently, I lead a full stack data science team responsible for building ETL pipelines, doing product analytics, experimentation & causal inference, and building new data products to make it easier for merchants on Shopify to sell internationally and manage taxes.

If youโ€™re interested in working in data at Shopify, or just trying to break into data science, Iโ€™d love to chat. Shoot me a message on Twitter or LinkedIn.